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When you smile, do you gums show more than your teeth? Do you feel like your teeth appear too small because your gums are too big? A perfect smile has a balanced proportion between the size and shape of gums to teeth. Dentist refer to this as having a “gummy smile”. This is a relatively common problem that can be corrected by Dr. Schwan at his West Chester Dental Office using a treatment known as laser gum contouring.

What is Gummy Smile?

An attractive smile usually means having a balanced gum line — the gums are mostly hidden by the upper lip. Sometimes, when the gums extend lower than the upper lip or cover a large portion of the teeth, it is known as a “gummy smile”. A low or uneven gum-line can cause healthy, straight teeth to appear small, uneven, or crooked.

A gummy smile may result from genetics, certain prescription drugs (blood pressure medication), or other health issues. While a gummy smile does not indicate unhealthy teeth, many people become self-conscious about their appearance or suffer from low self-confidence as a result.

What Is Laser Gum Contouring?

Thanks to the modern technical advances in laser dental surgery, gum reshaping is now the fastest, easiest, and least painful way to correct a gummy smile. The advanced diode laser trims away excess tissue, sealing wounds while it cuts. You will experience less pain and faster healing time. Experiencing instant results without excessive bleeding or need for stitches.

At the dental office of Dr. Schwan we have a couple of different approaches to the issue of “gummy smiles”. Depending on the individual case, Dr. Schwan may refer the patient to a periodontist, orthodontist, or an oral surgeon for more specialized dental care. Many times laser gum contouring is the best, fastest, and most painless way to treat a gummy smile.

Is Laser Gum Contouring Painful?

Before the treatment, you will receive a local anesthetic to eliminate any pain during the procedure. Afterwards, it is normal to experience some soreness, and your teeth and gums may feel tender. Fortunately, most people are able to manage it with over the counter pain killers and find that long term benefits of having a more attractive smile outweigh the temporary discomfort and and healing time.

Correct Gummy Smiles in West Chester PA With Laser Contouring


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